L'(é)mille Visages – Thanks!

Flshka -L'(e)mille Visages

We would like to thanks all the audience for their warm welcome, cheer and support during the display of our last project L'(é)mille Visages on July 6th in Arles, France.

We would like also to thanks the organisation and the residents of the district "la Roquette" for their help and support.

The photos and videos of the project will come very soon on the website.

Flshka design on the road to Moscow

Flshka design, has been selected to present its last work, « To be continued », during the prestigous « Circle of Light » international festival in Moscow, from september 23 to 27, on the façade of the Bolshoi Theater. This projection mapping has been selected has a part of the Artvision contest.

« To be continued » follows the history of cinematography, However, in this story, the historical elements and references collide and merge with humour creating a kind of poetic parody of cinematic techniques and genres.

To find out more information, please visit project page.

Chartres en lumières 2016

Chartres en lumière 2016
Today is the opening of "Chartes en lumières 2016" light festival. Among all the new installations, The 4 winning concepts of the "Chartres video mapping contest" will be projected on the theater, among which our first project : Evolve.

First Project : Evolve

"From the birth of earth until our days, over a few billion years of history summed up in 2 minutes & 30 seconds" Evolve is our first project. It was selected as one of the 9 finalists in the international mapping contest of Chartres (France). You can watch the video on this website  : Evolve - Flshka design Don't forguet to take a look at the other works.
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